Cervical Scanning


Platform technology for early detection of cervical pre-cancer

LuViva® Advanced Cervical Scan, produced by Guided Therapeutics Inc., is designed as a new non-invasive test that has the potential to significantly improve the early detection of cervical pre-cancers. LuViva is designed as a fast, painless test that - unlike Pap smears and HPV testing - does not require a tissue sample or the delay of laboratory analysis. Early detection of cancer and pre-cancers greatly improves survival, and LuViva is designed to help preserve the reproductive health of women.

More than 1,600 women at risk for cervical disease were tested with the LuViva in a multi-centre pivotal clinical trial. Results of the trial showed that:

  • LuViva detected cervical disease up to two years earlier than Pap test, HPV test, colposcopy and biopsy.
  • LuViva detected 86.3% cervical disease cases that had been missed by Pap, HPV (human papillomavirus) tests and biopsy.
  • LuViva would have reduced the number of unnecessary biopsies by about 40 percent.

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