"Delivering the Promise of Rapid, Office Cryoablation for breast tumors"

IceSense3TM system is designed for ambulatory treatment of benign (like fibroadenomas) and malignant lesions using Cryo-ablation.

A tiny needle (2,4 or 3.4 mm diameter) creates a spherical or oval shape ice ball, as chosen by the user depending on the shape and size of the lesion. The system uses liquid nitrogen (-190° C.) to freeze an area up to 4 cm. to include the target lesion. The procedure requires few minutes (typically 3-12 minutes for Fibroadenomas), is performed under ultra sound monitoring, and no general anaesthesia is required (only local, at the puncture site). There is no pain (cold acts as a natural anaesthetic) and patients are released immediately. There Is virtually no scar and no stitches are required.

The freezing process ends in cellular lysis due to the freezing process and in a further reduction in size of the lesion. Cell debris is then naturally metabolized.

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