Electronic Brachytherapy

Electronic Brachytherapy

"Electronic radiation brachytherapy at the time of lumpectomy"

The Axxent® eBx System from Xoft is a proprietary electronic brachytherapy platform designed to deliver isotope-free (non-radioactive) radiation treatment in virtually any clinical setting under radiation oncology supervision, without the limitations of radionuclides.

Dose rates from the Axxent eBx System are set to an operating voltage of 50kV, which allows for minimal shielding, meaning the treating team can interact with the patient while delivering therapy.

The Axxent System has similar dose rates to HDR. However, the dose fall-off rate is lower, so the patient receives less dose to critical organs and healthy tissue.

Advantages of Electronic Brachytherapy

  • Delivers therapeutic dose directly to the cancerous site
  • No radioisotope regulatory, handling and safety issues
  • Lower shielding requirements brings brachytherapy treatment "out of the bunker"
  • Because of the unique characteristics of the Axxent eBx System, medical personnel may remain in the room
  • Unlike radioactive isotopes, less radiation is delivered to surrounding healthy organs and tissue
  • Unique design allows for multiple applications

Clinical applications include:

  • Breast eBx
    Gyn eBx
    Skin eBx

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