HyperEye Medical System


"Near Infra-Red Colour camera for easy Sentinel Lymph Node localisation and blood flow verification without radioactive isotopes"

The HyperEye Medical System (HEMS) displays colour images and real time video of Near Infra-Red light simultaneously with white light using Indocyanine Green (ICG) as reagent.

HyperEye makes lymph node detection and blood flow verification much easier and does not require the use of radioactive isotopes and their associated shielding. Both the colour image and the fluorescence signal are presented on an external monitor, providing the surgeon with an unhindered view. Close-up recording is also available by spinning the camera head to adjust focus.

Surgical applications include:

  • Breast Surgery Sentinel Lymph Node mapping in breast cancer
  • Cardiac Surgery Blood flow verification in CABG
  • Stomach Surgery Sentinel Lymph Node mapping in stomach cancer
  • Colon Surgery Blood flow verification in bowel ischemia
  • Liver Surgery Identification of hepatoma cells in liver, Hepatopancreas Identification of bile ducts in liver surgery
  • Skin Surgery Sentinel Lymph Node mapping in cutaneous malignant melanoma
  • Plastic Surgery LVA or Breast Reconstructive surgery

 (for more information also visit http://www.hypereye.jp/)


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